Friday, October 12, 2012

Where's Waldo...Amazing Tunes

         For those of you who have been wondering were I've been, see if you can find me here?  

    If you can, wow! you're doing better than me!......this is actually a photograph from the series Where's Waldo. Love him, didn't you! Ahhhh, when your done trying to find him, you'll notice the typing does continue.
Yes, the Slipped her Stitch gal is back...where have I been?
Yes, here on her tush!! Love the print, unlike a cave painting, this one can't be saved.
It all started with a walk in the woods as usual, until I heard something different.
You see when I walk I sing. Now trust me, you don't wanna be there when I do, NOT, the best singer, no career in future. Make note on vocal cords.
Okay shut up, back to the something different...
I stopped to listen and ended up making a bum print. What did I hear? Me, I am now farting when I walk...WTF! I mean come on... it's not the usual air bomb, it's the right on, blow it out your rear, continual in tune fart....Yes, you read it right, I can sing on the opposite end. Is there a category anywhere one can earn a gold medal for farting a great tune? Wait...maybe there is if your elderly.
Ah, Not here!
Yes indeed I went to the doctor and it turns out it's something I may be eating or my BC pills. Who knew! If it's my BC pill, I am destine to farting unless I want kids...YIKES! I think I'll just stick with the farting, after all, it's in tune!
So there you have it...I have been on break trying to figure out if it's my BC pills or something I am eating. I hope it's turns out to be something I am eating, as they are not low key. Funny thing, I haven't changed my eating habits.
Oh, and if you're wondering, I had to use my knees to get out of the muddy stream...
Thanks for popping in..stay tuned for another addition of "She's slipped her stitch"
Make note on Bum...please stop singing.

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