Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fair Isle knitting

 I bought this book the other day, I've wanted to learn more about Fair Isle knitting. But I must add   the soothing comfort of the cover could also be to blame for catching my eye.... 
This book is just amazing, not only in patterns, but, the photographing is simply delicious. 
 Especially the colors, they offer a sense of warmth with the season of fall upon us.

I do believe I have seen this book before...the scarf, the set of gloves, look so familiar somehow.
I am drawn to the aged, rustic appearance, they seem as though they were made centuries ago. The colors all blending so beautifully...yes...this is a set I am going to try. I think I will do the scarf first to get an easier feel for the technique. More so... since I haven't knitted gloves before.

Have done a couple projects which had a small amount of this design technique, but nothing quite like what your viewing.

When I begin the set... I will pop in and let you know and indeed keep you posted on the progress.
Wish me luck as I am sure to be slipping a lot of stitches on this one. And, I will smile, and just keep going until they are done.

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