Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blogging to Politics

I've done a lot of research over the years as the Internet moved forward, back when Ebay was fairly new, and blogs were just getting off the ground. In my research I have found certain details and basics that follow one protocol. We are all in search of money, followers, and the need to be known. I consider bloggers to be people who missed the boat to Hollywood, to only find the rescue boats that were left behind...Blogging.
Most bloggers that are successful tend to be those who have a college background in some sort of business, color design, designing, those who have produced how to books and the lucky one whom has a natural ability to create offering everyone out there an idea... and/or computer experts who know SEO and more...
I have documented tons of blogs in every venue... a majority are already linked to major publishing companies, with books published in many mediums.
Okay, off the subject a bit as the station on my television is airing the convention in Tampa, Florida with Condoleezza Rice who just stated we are a country who had never been jealous of each, but have supported. I am sitting here saying to all my years of living, I have not only over heard, but have known many people pissed of at the rich..this I say to Condoleezza please walk away from the microphone stop lying to the American people, better yet hey America..stop believing it's called marketing.
 As a ghost writer I can tell you...bullshit is easy to write, easier for the intended person as in Condoleezza Rice to read, and better yet easier for humans to believe. Does anyone out there think for themselves?? If anyone really believes the government has your best interest in mind, needs to head to there local mental ward and commit themselves.
On the last note of this topic please consider when you vote, you are indeed choosing the worst of two evils. Both after a title and money, living the high life. And when the votes are in who's really living rich..NOT YOU. How do I know about politics you may ask...sadly a sibling of mine is one!
Please reread or read The Consititution..We the People own this country!
So back to the blogging, ah yes, blogging the place where everyone is trying to get further ahead in life. And, make money while there doing so...I say this to all of you...unless your a lucky person, have published a few books, been in a magazine or creating things and offering them for free...I wish you luck as if it weren't for Blogger being free would you really be blogging?

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