Thursday, September 27, 2012

DK Yarn Giveaway

Here they are again, these cute little bon-bon's from Lion Brand. The colors are so cheery and bright. The weight is DK (3) acrylic blend.

The total weight is 2.8 oz. with 80g of total yarn.
 Lion Brand Yarns and these little guys are just wonderful!
COLORS: Magenta, purple, pink, yellow, lime, orange-red, orange, and turquoise

The giveaway is open to everyone. All you have to do is comment the contest is open until
Friday Oct. 12th when I will pick a number at random.

The winner will be posted on Saturday Oct. 13th and posted here. I will contact the winner to get the information for shipping.
If you enter anonymously, please leave an email, so I can contact you to send the yarn.

Good Luck to all.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Obama and Romey in Ohio

                                                         From a Human's Point of View!
   Wow! Whee...Obama is in Ohio today... does that mean I should drop everything I'm doing get in my car, head to Toledo (which is only an hour away) to catch a glimpse of the President? Ah, no...Why you might say, I think giving one chance to meet anyone, living or dead, this would not be my choice. Nor would Romney, also in Ohio today. The dreaded swing state!
Should I be given a chance to meet anyone living or dead, I think I would choose, someone with a bit more of an impact in the history of this our United States. Did you catch the word OUR United States. According to what I have read, The Consititution says, We The People, Not You, The President. On what day in your life do you start believing or thinking any President is actually for
We The People?
I have been around to see many, many, Presidents, and have yet to see any do any good for the People. Here are a few questions for you to think about.
1. Should you need to be a follower, need someone to lead your life, do you really live your own life?
2. When was the last time there was such a class of people called "The Middle Class"?
Here I will answer this for you it was the 70's roughly in to the 80's
3. So there is no "Middle Class" why do they keep referring to a class that does not exist?
4. What President Actually signed NAFTA? Putting all industrial jobs overseas?
President Bill (I did not have sex with that women) Clinton along with George w. Bush in 1994.
Maquiladoras (Mexican factories that take in imported raw materials and produce goods for export) have become the landmark of trade in Mexico. These are plants that moved to this region from the United States, hence the debate over the loss of American jobs. Hufbauer's (2005) book shows that income in the maquiladora sector has increased 15.5% since the implementation of NAFTA in 1994. Other sectors now benefit from the free trade agreement, and the share of exports from non-border states has increased in the last five years while the share of exports from maquiladora-border states has decreased. This has allowed for the rapid growth of non-border metropolitan areas, such as Toluca, León and Puebla; all three larger in population than Tijuana, Ciudad Juárez, and Reynosa.


  In the end, I ask anyone who is reading...What is any President really going to do for you? Think on this hard Human's....Really...Think on this one...We are The PEOPLE..the owners of this country, this land together!

Oh No You Didn't

 So your here at my blog, making of course, the usual visual look ...thinking "if only" she would have posted a interesting photograph, any photograph to keep your attention, to keep you on her page.
But should that be what you came for... go ahead move on...because you "can't" stay if there is nothing to look at, right! Then again "if" you don't read you "can't" learn.
There are two words I literally can not stand it's CAN'T  and IF...they make me see red spitting out to people "oh no you didn't" say any swear word you want, but, don't talk to me and say those two words.
Two words I never let my children say...two words I do not believe are worthy of the English language, and they made there way in the dictionary.
 Two words I will jump on a teacher for should they apply them to a child. If he would only pay attention, if he would only apply himself, lets not figure out why they are not paying attention or applying themselves. Let's just say you have no idea, or better yet, have no interest in your job to figure it out.
Webster Dictionary meaning for "if" should read...I am a person who figures things out after they've already happened. Alternative meaning...if only they would have listened to me..maybe those who don't, haven't reached your level of maturity in life. HELLO, we are not all on the same seat in the maturity ride of life. Then the final meaning of "if" if they would only apply themselves, a word a lazy manage uses, meaning, they have no interest in doing there own job, let alone there employees.
IF makes people jump on the wagon to be the first to say... well if they would have not driven drunk they wouldn't be in this situation. WHAT! if ...good for you, your a genius, a person who predicts the future after the past moments have already happened.  In reality your a controlling, insecure, know it all, who likes to be right. Who likes the, I told you so phrase, because in reality you know nothing at all, except the fact, you have no confidence in any part of your life. Yet, that "if" makes you feel good about yourself to say it...Congratulations you've won Ass of the Year.
Then finally "Can't" I can't, no really I can't, don't ask me to try it because " I can't"...Can't do, Can't try it, Can't make it, just simply Can't. You see can't means your either lazy, don't wanna try out of the fear of failing or making an idiot out of yourself, and failing means your stupid. WRONG!
Without failing in life no one learns a Damn thing. Yes, I said it, a Damn Thing! OMG, she swears, like there is really no one who doesn't!! And if you don't swear that means you don't lie either. Okay, yeah right, go ahead live in your own little world. 
And IF (got that) a frog had wings, it wouldn't bump it's ass on the ground every time it jumped!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mason Jar Light Tutorial

When I saw the price of a hanging mason jar I went on a quest to find a way to make one cheaper. I just couldn't believe a jar and the electrical works would cost so much. To know me, is to know, I am a frugal gal, one way or another I was going to find what I needed! A lighting kit available in three colors sliver, black, and white. I purchased the silver it looks nearly invisible. They are from World Market for only 9.99 so I bought two which was 28.66 the price of one completed online.
Then I took a lid for canning the part that seals the jar, took a marker made a whole the size of the piece where the light bulbs goes. Then took a nail and a small hammer and made holes around the circle. Make sure you do this on a scrap piece of wood.
Next I took a pair of cutters, this can also be done with cuticle cutters as the lid is not that thick. I followed the line of the marker and cut out the circle.
This is what you will have when done. On the light fixture notice the rim with the indents. It's similar to a nut and bolt, simply unscrew the silver rim with indents.
This is what you will have when the piece is unscrewed from the light fixture.
Take the lid with the hole, the hole does not have to be cut perfect just large enough for the light socket to fit through. Put the lid inside the ring which will screw on to the mason jar. No glue neccesary.
Hold the two pieces of the lid together just as shown, put the socket into the hole on the lid. If it's too small simply cut it a little bigger. Don't worry if the circle is not round it will still work.
Take the silver piece shown in the 5th picture and screw it back on to the light fixture. Make sure it's tight enough so it holds the lid inside the rim.
This is what it looks like when done. I usually use a silver rim but I didn't have one available. It can always be changed. Before attaching the jar add your light.
Take your jar screw the lid on and walla! Your done with the assembly. The jar I used is an old Atlas canning jar a bit straighter than the normal mason ball jar.
Most people use clear light bulbs or chandelier bulbs. I love the look of these round white night light bulbs. I have four hanging together and it's plenty of light for a 12 by 12 room.
These are mine, I managed to photograph two of them. The top one is a aqua ball jar which I love. Notice how the silver cord looks nearly invisible. There are two white S type plastic pieces on the cord. I used one to screw into the ceiling stud and the other stretched across and on the curtain rod towards the back. The curtains will hide the cord for you. The kit also comes with two gold hooks you can screw in the ceiling or anywhere else you want to hang it. I hung mine by using a screw and the white hook into the studs in the ceiling. It looks very clean and nice against the white ceiling.
If you want wire them together so one switch controls how many you decide to put together, there are so many ways you can hang them.
You can also elimate the jar and use a shade, just skip the rim and lid purchase an old lampshade add osenberg cover the lampshade. This would be very decorative with a iron on word or design in black.  There is also a small 40ty watt bulb that works well for more lighting. It's great for just one jar, it does throw off a lot of light which would make it great for the lampshade!
I hope you enjoyed the Tutorial. Have fun making hanging lights!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Trapped With No Help

What is up with animals? And of course Me?
Just before dusk yesterday, I went outside to pick some of the lettuce where I nearly made contact with a skunk, a few days before as stated in the post below. For one to know me you must know my life is fulled with slipped stitches, not to mention my knitting...which always contains a minor mistake somewhere.
 I also can not express how often I entertain my friends, and of course my neighbors though out my bizarre life.
So I said, I was outside getting lettuce for dinner...nothing like fresh lettuce..could not wait to make the salad.  Around the garage out to the garden I picked my dinner for the evening.
 Said hello, to my neighbor in her garden next door to me. She was picking lima beans.
Now between my garage and the neighbors are these massive pine trees they planted for privacy. Personally I find it to be a place for all kind of creatures.
Walking back to the house I rounded the corner between the garage and pine trees. First I must tell you I have lived her 7 years and in all the times I have gone to the garden, this is the first year of many strange animal happens.
Of course I must add I was thinking about my salad to be and not my surrounds, which suddenly became a major focus. Right after I turned the corner and just finished looking down at my lovely salad. I look forward and WHAM! a bat flying right at my instinct of course was to duck. Duck, what a funny word, and an amazing quick task.  Right pass me the bat flew...I thought okay get up and book.
To which I did..only to have him round the pine tree and dive again, down I went ducking again...and yelling get, go back to the street light.. and omg's going to hit my head, rabies, hospital, horrible shots. Go away!
I stood up getting ready to run again...damn if he didn't go around the pine tree darting right back at the top of my head. There I was back and forth, trying to make my way out of the garden and he's flying back and forth across my head. I just kept yelling, what is your problem and he just kept flying.
Now I know I bathed, my hair was clean, so there was no need to pick bugs out of my hair like a monkey in search of dinner. Where was my neighbor you may be wondering...trying to chase it with a broom swatting through the air like the scene in the old movie...The Great Outdoors...excellent, hysterical, movie I must add.
This whole bat situation ended, of course, with my neighbor laughing hysterically has I put the basket filled with lettuce over my head...yelling... see ya later to my neighbor as I booked again.
I am sure by now you've guessed..there was no salad for dinner, unless of course had I added salad dressing to my head, and learning the pickings of a monkey carefully searching for dinner.
Another lesson learned.....shut up when faced with a bat...noise is there focus...wear basket on head and carry bag for lettuce....another slipped stitch in the day of a crazy gal's life. You have no idea how funny, bizarre my life truly is...
Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lead role in Commerical

Did you ever find yourself casted for a role you didn't apply for....
The other day I went out to the garden to check on my fall lettuce and arugula. Now.. one must know my garden is behind the house around the garage. In other words, it's a half acre behind the house. Duh! Behind the house, okay lady, we have that straight. I would just walk straight through the back yard, I just don't think walking through barbwire is appealing.
Needless to say, I rounded the garage, looking down at the grass, turned the corner and saw this under a tree near the garden. So I thought awe...look at how cute... it's you kitty!
As I approached all I could think of was, maybe I can get close enough this time to pet the black and white cat, whom I occasionally feed. After all, the more I feed the cat the closer it would get to me. Now I'm not stupid...haha...hence the title of my blog...
I have raised cats and indeed own a house cat, I've also taken care of a few Ferrel's in my day. Thus not the point...I kept walking and he kept coming out...without question I leaned over and said..hey kitty, just about ready to pet his head when the tail shot up and I shot out...yelling...oh shit, oh shit..skunk...skunk.
I ran faster than I had in a long time, around the garage yelling SKUNK, thinking oh shit, running  looking back wondering is he following me. Then it happened...Yes..right there heading to the back door. Bam! right into the door, I bounced off and landed on my bum. I sat there looking for the skunk who was no where in sight and thought this is too funny...and it was...I laid back laughing so hard I actually pee - peed my pants.
There was a lesson in all of this...don't try what you see on TV ...secondly, next time put on glasses or wear your contacts until they dry up on eyeballs, so as able to see before reacting, and, always wear protective panties whenever going to the garden. Thank goodness I wasn't skunked!!
Now, every time my girlfriends see the commercial where the lady opens her sliding glass door, and says here kitty, come on kitty, and the raccoon walks in...they call me and laugh...saying hey kitty.
So the next time you see the commercial think of me..go ahead and laugh...I do!
 P.S. don't forget to enter the yarn contest below!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Packaged Arrived

After picking out my colors for my new project and purchasing online, I was so excited to receive them it seemed like it took weeks. Then I couldn't wait to open the box to see this...
Each are sold from the same shop Knitting Warehouse only different brand names. The blue one is Vicki Howell 70% acrylic 30% wool  a worsted weight 85g 167 yards of Sheepish yarn. The color is Robin Eggish. The other is Patons 100% pure new wool 50g gold color DK super wash yarn.
 I thought the robin eggish would be a tad lighter and the gold a bit more mustard color. It's hard to tell the exact color ordering online, which is why I ordered one of each color to be sure. I am going to search for a Rowan brand yarn to see if they have something a tad lighter. Plus, I haven't had the pleasure of working with Rowan yarns.
Ball Weight: 8 x .35oz/10 g
Length: 8 x 28 yd/26 m
Yup! This is Lion Brands bonbons Brights DK (3) weight acrylic yarns. Now I love working with Lion Brand Yarns and these little guys are just wonderful!
                  COLORS: Magenta, purple, pink, yellow, lime, orange-red, orange, and turquoise
 I am hoping anyone who views will comment to win these cute little guys.
 If no one does, then I guess, I will just use them myself. You will love these!!

Contest is open until September 30th so people have time to find my blog.
All you have to do is comment a winner will be chosen by a random generator.

 Have a wonderful weekend...Good Luck!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Interesting Things

One thing you must know about'll never know when I will pop in and post nearly anything I find interesting. That's why I love being spontaneous! And, especially since the kids are gone, Whee! I can eat anything, do anything, go anywhere I want, anytime! Yuppie!!! And the human race is convinced children are fun....'s putting up with them as they grow into adults that's annoying!!
Okay let's move on.... there are many things I find interesting about the older we get the faster time seems to fly, how the days seem shorter, how I sit here typing.. my eyes taking a break to wonder around the room... it feels as though I haven't aged at all. It's hard to believe I have come this far in life, that the years have gone so quickly. But there is an advantage now... NO KIDS... and that's the perks.

 It's also hard to believe knitting cable pillows seems to fascinate me this year, and the fact the Holidays are right around the corner. Oh...I can knit whenever and however long I want without hearing's so incredibly quite.
 Doesn't it seem like the Holidays were just here not long ago?

It's also interesting how I can enlarge the first two photographs and none after...look at the lampshade on this one, who would have thought to buy premade ruffles and attach them on a lampshade? So adorable. This is from Jennifer Holmes blog dear lillie. Her home is just my style, all neutrals. It's so easy to add any pop of color for any season. Another blog I am head over heals over is The Nester so many amazing ideas done so inexpensive. Love her home go ahead take a peek.

Speaking of a pop of is sure the color that pops! I have a love/ hate relationship with red, I love to look at it...yet...couldn't live with it daily. Have you noticed the round number with the cute pocket for candy behind it. There actually for a countdown to a handmade felt Christmas Tree. Turn the number around and eat the candy! Love the idea, don't you?

Look at that wreath! Just stunning isn't it? Although there seems to be a lot of them made with aged paper, this is my favorite so far...

See the white ornaments here...they are actually paper mache painted white with gold glitter. So interesting and inexpensive!

On this page I just absolutely love, love, love, that chair! Very creative with the tree, the way the garland is aged paper cut in the V shape at the bottom.

And now for a drum roll please...Don't you just love the color of these cabinets and the amazing detail and color of the kitchen table set. Now, that kitchen color combination I could live with...
Yummy isn't it! Oh by the way, the magazine is Better Homes and Garden Christmas addition.
Now I am off to do whatever I want, whenever I want, in my little own little nest. Keep an eye out for my next post and my Tah Dah moments.
Until I pop in again... which could be anytime...have a spontaneous day!
 Life goes by way to fast not too!

Monday, September 10, 2012


I am looking for an elephant ..since the Republican party has an elephant... can some contact Mitt Romney so I can borrow it to move a tree?? LOL... borrow from a Republician.

Now for the real story....

 The other day my son, ask his son..what he wanted to be when he grew up. His son replied, I want to be president. His dad's nice and what would you do if you were president? His son replied...I would feed everyone and make sure they all had a home, and I would help the homeless...His father said, why not just tell the homeless to get a job? His son replied, isn't that what the republicans would do?

Although being independent, I have to say this...if we pack the White House with elephant's they'll use up all our water cleaning themselves, note cleaning themselves.... constantly keep moving...therefore getting no work done. The only way you can train a elephant to help someone to lend him to a circus.

Then again...if we put Jacka**'s in the White House they maybe stubborn at times, but at least they'll be hard workers. Go Obama!!

For all of the females out there I am knitting away...soon to reveal a few Tah Dah moments.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Obama or Romney

      It's early morning I decided to pop in and frankly speak my mind. I am hoping many will read and even find the balls to respond. You see if there is one thing I know for sure being older makes people wiser...those of you with young children know nothing. Nothing about life, nothing about living, nothing about marriage, nothing about being human...How can I say this you may add...well I will tell you. Your heads are too wrapped up in raising children and working to see the word for what it really buy in to every commercial, not realizing it's simply a marketing add, all designed for you the younger people to busy not see the realities behind it.
       How do I know this you may add..Well again let me tell you, I owned a retail shop I know the mark up is 100%... for those of you who don't know, we also figure in the shipping we get charged. Who pays for it you do! Which means for the retailer it's a win, win scenario. And don't get me started on all the idiots out there who think buying off the TV is the way to go. Let's just say this about you, stupid is as stupid does, hence Forrest Gump.
      Being older we have been through exactly where you're at...raising the kids...working, basically doing it all. The good old super mom! What do you get in the end...grown children that don't either know they are suppose to leave or raising there babies...or maybe even listening to how there spouse does this and that...having children quite frankly is a pain in the a**. They cost money your time and quite frankly use up your whole emotional life. How do I know you may ask...well again like our parents before us been there done that!!  You think you've got problems now...whee...wait until they grow up. Every time I read a blog about children I just wanna say, Sucks to be you! Again then you may be saying it's not like that for me...well to those few of you who may... congratulations you have a child who is mature beyond there years.
     When I was younger I thought the older/elderly people had nothing worthy of listening too. They were loud, obnoxious, annoying people..... but did you ever stop to really wonder why. All you have to do is have small children and you'll understand. The innocence age were everything they respond to is pure and real. Of course, this age is up to 5 before they get to the society stage where they are exposed to everything, opinions, foul language, rudeness, tricked by marketing ads, believing mascara really makes your eyes look like the ones on TV, when in reality people they are false eyelashes on the person in the commercial....DUH wake up can I say that...well again I will tell you, now being in my late 50ties you realize everything you saw... in all the those commercials is a joke...none of it is real all done to make you believe so you will buy. What else do we know...the government is the biggest marketing manipulating magicians on earth.
     For me I am a conservative...I serve no side nor do I serve just for me, I serve for all humans in this life...many may say if you don't vote then it's my fault the world is govern by who may be chosen...WRONG...I just refuse to choose between the worst of two evils. No matter how I would choose not one is really for me, a human in this life they would be willingly to help. Oh sure, if I were rich knock, knock a different story. Yet the majority of the United States is I say why on earth would you pick at all. The only thing to gain is the person who gets chosen... lives a wonderfully rich life, filled with more health care then you will ever see in your lifetime. Why on earth would I do so...after all the Constitution states the U.S. belongs to We the People not Those the Chosen People.
So...on that note I say this...all of you American citizens get up off your a** and take a stand, take back your country...say NO more living check to more poor health more's our land our country our home...stand up and take it back!!
Put if I absolutely had to choose...I would vote for Obama...why you may say...well let me finally tell you...I am older I am a better judge of character due to the wisdom of aging and I don't buy in to the TV/Newspaper Ads that say anything. I also don't buy into either Obama or Romney's speech after all  it's a race to the White House, and lets guess, you don't think they would lie to get there..WRONG..we purely go on what all of us know as we age...we observe.. we can read between the BS lines. And on that note I say again, Obama, the first president along with his wife to actually mingle among society. And more so ...on the fact 4 years is not enough time to do what had been done by the President before he took office. When I study Romney I see a man who looks high maintaince, business oriented to the point of thinking nothing more than his own personal gains.

And on that note...if you think Rome was built overnight or that one can stop using your cell phone in 4 years after relying on it everyday...Shove that cell phone up your a** your only kidding yourself.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Amazing Etsy Handmade

Browsing Etsy today, I found some handmade knitted and crocheted items. I just love handmade items especially from yarn.
This is one of them by the shop Lovelycrochet aren't these just amazing?
This colorful knitted duo from the shop bythemill is amazing! Don't you agree? The color combination says happy and the little bits of black make the items pop. Not to mention the photograph itself is beautiful.
Look at the color combination of this hand knitted cotton sweater from LilyCraftdiy there soothing and just right for blue jeans. The detail in the sweater is interesting and well defined. I love how the sweater is displayed with all the props, it give you a better sense of how the sweater will appear with when combined with jeans and accessories. Well done don't you agree?
I had to add these hand knitted mittens of a hedgehog from BucaJLucka which are so adorable.
Hedgehogs seem to be a popular animal among so many on Etsy. I love how there photographed with a peach!
Stumbling across these knitted socks which caught my attention asap from sintijastudio with the colors of cream and gray, and of course, fair isle knitting. Something I want to learn...and have tried a few times not without some success. It's the working of two yarns and my fingers that get in the way.
There is something I have always wondered about...why would someone want to knit socks? I mean... I totally understand there handmade...yet.. it seems easier to buy them at the store.
Now don't get me wrong the socks above are stunning..I guess knitting socks for me is not my thing.
Maybe that's it!
This shop on Etsy ohmayzee has a lot of different dyi patterns. I love the bright colors she uses to display how the finish patterns will appear. This shop has a lot of fun ideas which would make nice stocking stuffers.
There seems to be a lot of knitted bunnies on Etsy this one is from The Hunny Bunny Company I am always so amazed by UK or for that anywhere in Europe at just how good they are at knitting. It seems to come natural to them. Not, that there aren't amazing knitters in the U.S. yet one must agree how much they do knit and crochet in Europe. Often makes me almost wish I was born there just for that purpose...oh...and there amazing landscape and architectural views too!
Then there is me..yes..I have knitted some bunnies over a few winters. The original pattern is from FuzzyMitten I bought the pattern off of Etsy awhile back before she narrowed down selling on Etsy. I played around with it and tweaked it a bit with the ears and color inside. Made the sweater you see as I said above I have done some fair isle knitting.
I am a little proud, yes, and a tad sad...why...most of these babies are gone. When my grand babies or my daughter who hasn't decided if she wants babies, stops by, they disappear one by one. The only comforting part of them leaving...they are going to good homes.
Hope you enjoyed my little tour of Etsy..I plan on doing more based on knitting and crocheting. Can you guess what will be next?
Oh, and thank you to all of the talents artist we appreciate all of you!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

When Life Gives You

Birds...when one opens there curtains in the early morning..
Grab a camera and photograph them, and start performing for a lead role in the remake of the movie, The Birds.
Believe me... I couldn't believe it either...and when life gives you...
A Toad in the bottom of your cup in the garden...make sure to take a good look before attempting to fill with lemonade. And when life gives you...
A Turtle in your garden, make sure you know it's a snapping turtle before approaching!
And when life gives you blog readers....
Say thank you, for stopping by and reading!
 Have a wonderful Tuesday :0)

Monday, September 3, 2012

New Look... Amazing Sound

Sometimes we have to redo our blog appearance to express are personality, just as we do our home.
I am a very spontaneous, loves to laugh at herself kind of gal and wanted my blog to express it.
So as you can see I changed it a bit and may continue to play with the colors.
Just like my new little home, after down sizing is continually taking on different colors, and new ideas that my mind tends to spontaneously gather. I have a love of lights, if you look closely around the cabinets, there is a tiny string of lights when lite, give the kitchen a warm cozy feel. The lights wrap all the way around the cabinets from top to underneath. You can get them at any craft store, be sure to get the teenie tiny bulbs.
I found this wooden boxes (actually there are 4) ranging from large to small and I just Love them!
As you look at the boxes with my kitchen cabinets they compliment them well, but, if you know me, I have another idea and plan to change the kitchen in the winter months.
As I sit here and write to you, I am watching and listening to ILVOLO a new group of
three young teen Italian Tenors, click the link and listen. You will be amazed!!
Amazed too at these boxes, I tried to get a close up so you could read the lettering on each, it's really inspiring and very clever. And, they are reasonably priced.
Hope you enjoy your day, I am heading back to watch ILVOLO!! I plan on going to see them in concert. I recommend it to you too!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Love This Bag

The other day I found this little bag at our local craft shop ,very inexpensive, and so very functional, is made of nylon and has a nice drawstring for closing. Plus, the straps are snap on can be removed to tuck in your purse or whatever else you carry.

It's has a long handle for your shoulder, a place inside to attach your keys, holds two 170g balls of yarn, and your needles or hook. It also has enough room for a notepad to keep track of your pattern. Plus, it holds your finished squares as you go along.

I love this little bag, I can take my project anywhere, work on my squares without removing the yarn from the bag. The colors I am working on aren't the brightest and there is a reason. I am making a Christmas gift and these are the colors the person loves, white and gray.

I came up with this pattern for a granny square without any holes, since the recipient doesn't like the traditional squares. I can't wait to show you when it's finished. I am hoping it will be in about a week.

One thing I must add, white sure it a hard color to photograph and not being an expert, I do my best to get a good one.

I like to sew my squares together as I go along, am aware there is a method to crochet them together as you go. I prefer this way it works best for me. As for the pattern I am sure it's been done before, but, if your wondering what I did here it is...

I used Caron Simply Soft worsted weight (#4), it's not the best yarn as it splits a lot which I don't like, but, I do like the softness and it's easy care.
I start by making a magic circle with the middle color I used white. Crochet 12 doubles in the circle then pull it tight to close the center hole. Slip stitch your last double to the first and chain 3, counts as your first double make another double in the same stitch. In each of the 12 doubles I crocheted two doubles around to the beginning, you will then have 24 doubles and don't forget to slip stitch to the first double top. *Chain 3 now make two more doubles in the same space as your chain 3, double in the next two stitches, half double in the next two, the single in the next 3 stitches, half double in the next 2, double in the next 2, and now make 3 doubles in the next stitch.* Follow the pattern between the * around to the chain 3 slip stitch to close your square at the top of the chain 3. Fasten off, I leave enough yarn to sew the squares together.
I can see this done in two tone greens, a variety sports color combination, two tone pinks for a baby or even white and pink. The color choice is endless.

Have fun...thanks for popping in and reading my blog. Have a nice weekend!