Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by Slipped Her Stitch. My name is AbbeyLyn. I'm a lover of all things, and more often a person who entertains herself by stumbling over or simply doing odd things spontaneously. Like walking out to my garden at dust, seeing a black and white fluffly animal, bending over saying "hey kitty" only to find it's a skunk. Let's just say... I was lucky that day...not skunked!

Things I love to do: get up and go spontaneously, gardening, creating just about anything, writing, knitting, crocheting, baking sweet treats, sculpting, learning anything new, trolling the woods, and living with my cat.

One of my favorite past times when the weather is not so good..

Knitting or crocheting...it's very relaxing. Spontaneously..I may fall asleep!
I learned to crochet from my mother and knit from my aunt. I prefer to knit mostly, accessories, sometimes a sweater coat here or there...

My Goals for Slipped Her Stitch:

Inspire- I hope this blog inspires and empowers you to believe that you can create and learn just about anything. And that can't is not an option just a word. To do what you've long desired, to take chances, learn to laugh at yourself and to be you're own kind of beautiful, not trendy, but, intovative...Please know that I am by no means an expert, I am still learning myself, I make mistakes, and that's okay...because it's the only way to learn!!

Catalog-   Slipped Her Stitch is a way for me to catalog my own projects and to share fellow crafter's inspiring work as well. While I expect this blog to be primarily focused on knitting/gardening/crafting/cooking, I'm sure that some of my personal life will work its way in as well. I see Slipped Her Stitch following me through events of my life and I can't wait to see how it develops in years to come.

Network- I hope this blog will enable me to connect with other lovely ladies who enjoy creating as well. Please never hesitate to contact me.  I would love to chat with you!

Thanks again for stopping by! Be sure to stick around tutorials and more to come...