Thursday, August 30, 2012

Surprise Around Every Corner

I just love life..from one day to the next you never know what surprise is waiting around the corner...which makes everyday fasinating...this was one of them.
After seeing these three guys singing on TV recently, I couldn't wait to pick up there first CD in the United States. Although mostly Italian music, it was more than I expected, in fact, it was spectacular! Included is a bonus DVD of Live From the Detroit Opera House. It was so amazing, I found myself watching and listening over and over. Having heard many singers of this type over the years, these guys, well, they have it all. Incredible voices and although still in there teens, incredible stage presence. I highly recommend buying this set!! Be prepared to be entertained and a bit dazzled by there obvious good looks!
Then I decided to take a walk outside around the garden, and the woods, enjoy this beautiful day. When I opened my side door and stepped outside I saw where I live... one side of my home it's a bit like the city, on the other side it's all open land where everyone is living the farm life. Very open fields, tons of gardens, farming and nature. It's like having the best of both worlds.
However, as I stopped and enjoyed the view, I couldn't help but take a bit of a ride, down memory lane. Now, as far as I am concerned these are the way cars should be...this is when a car was really a car and stood out on it's own. A very welcome surprise in my day! Aren't they amazingly gorgeous?
Down a few I went on my adventure as planned, when I ran into this little guy on a Zinnia. First time Zinnia gal here and must add, I love this flower!
After the Zinnia's which surround my garden, I came across my tomatoes. I started these Roma Tomatoes from seedlings in my home last March, and they have not disappointed, by gracing the garden with tons of them. Even in a drought... Let's just say... I've been doing a lot of canning, and currently waiting for seeds to separate inside jars, for next years crop.
Although I plant sunflowers every year, the ones that germinate on there own randomly throughout the garden, tend to be the best at growing the tallest and hardiest. This one stands 12 ft. 6 inches tall the base measures 5 inches in diameter. Yes, my neighbor was stunned, said she'd never seen one that large... and they grow them in there garden too. Great for bringing in bees and of course birds! This one is looking a bit sad.
Maybe due to the bare spot near the leaves, showing signs fall is on it's way. The little buds are beginning to fall from the seeds.
I just had to photograph my hand on the leaf so you could see how big the sunflower had grown. This is about shoulder level on me... roughly a bit over 4 ft.
Then these little guys, the same sunflower breed as above, that I planted early spring, which usually do very well, only grew a bit over 3 feet tall. Bearing tiny little flower heads.
This one looks like he's saying, "hey, what happen this year...please send some rain."
Even though the planted ones didn't do well this year, they are still just as delightful to view.
The biggest surprise for lavender plants. I planted a variety in a straight row of 8 to see how well they would do in the soil. Much to my surprise they have done very well. I am so happy they I have a plan for next year. I am setting up raised beds already for next years tomatoes (on the half acre I plant) and border them with Zinnia's... and finally...the rest of the field is going all lavender. If only you could smell the lavender in my garden!
It's an amazing aroma... if only I could share!
Thank you for stopping by to read my little surprises, have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blogging to Politics

I've done a lot of research over the years as the Internet moved forward, back when Ebay was fairly new, and blogs were just getting off the ground. In my research I have found certain details and basics that follow one protocol. We are all in search of money, followers, and the need to be known. I consider bloggers to be people who missed the boat to Hollywood, to only find the rescue boats that were left behind...Blogging.
Most bloggers that are successful tend to be those who have a college background in some sort of business, color design, designing, those who have produced how to books and the lucky one whom has a natural ability to create offering everyone out there an idea... and/or computer experts who know SEO and more...
I have documented tons of blogs in every venue... a majority are already linked to major publishing companies, with books published in many mediums.
Okay, off the subject a bit as the station on my television is airing the convention in Tampa, Florida with Condoleezza Rice who just stated we are a country who had never been jealous of each, but have supported. I am sitting here saying to all my years of living, I have not only over heard, but have known many people pissed of at the rich..this I say to Condoleezza please walk away from the microphone stop lying to the American people, better yet hey America..stop believing it's called marketing.
 As a ghost writer I can tell you...bullshit is easy to write, easier for the intended person as in Condoleezza Rice to read, and better yet easier for humans to believe. Does anyone out there think for themselves?? If anyone really believes the government has your best interest in mind, needs to head to there local mental ward and commit themselves.
On the last note of this topic please consider when you vote, you are indeed choosing the worst of two evils. Both after a title and money, living the high life. And when the votes are in who's really living rich..NOT YOU. How do I know about politics you may ask...sadly a sibling of mine is one!
Please reread or read The Consititution..We the People own this country!
So back to the blogging, ah yes, blogging the place where everyone is trying to get further ahead in life. And, make money while there doing so...I say this to all of you...unless your a lucky person, have published a few books, been in a magazine or creating things and offering them for free...I wish you luck as if it weren't for Blogger being free would you really be blogging?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fair Isle knitting

 I bought this book the other day, I've wanted to learn more about Fair Isle knitting. But I must add   the soothing comfort of the cover could also be to blame for catching my eye.... 
This book is just amazing, not only in patterns, but, the photographing is simply delicious. 
 Especially the colors, they offer a sense of warmth with the season of fall upon us.

I do believe I have seen this book before...the scarf, the set of gloves, look so familiar somehow.
I am drawn to the aged, rustic appearance, they seem as though they were made centuries ago. The colors all blending so beautifully...yes...this is a set I am going to try. I think I will do the scarf first to get an easier feel for the technique. More so... since I haven't knitted gloves before.

Have done a couple projects which had a small amount of this design technique, but nothing quite like what your viewing.

When I begin the set... I will pop in and let you know and indeed keep you posted on the progress.
Wish me luck as I am sure to be slipping a lot of stitches on this one. And, I will smile, and just keep going until they are done.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Inspiring Lunch

I was looking for something different to eat for lunch today. I don't know about most people, but after decades of eating, food can often get boring. Unless, I suppose, if you're among the rich.

Any who, I took some round tortilla chips layered the bottom of the salad plate topped with sharp cheddar cheese. Then I took tomatoes from the garden cut them up, along with
some sliced chicken lunch meat. Topped it with more tortilla's.
Then I thought... hmm...I think I'll add fresh sliced mushroom.
Topped it with more sharp cheddar cheese and hit the microwave, one of the best inventions for a single empty nester. Microwaved it for one minute took it out and gave it a second round at 25 seconds. I did this so as not to over cook the cheese.
         And here it is...doesn't it look yummy? Especially next to my favorite cold sweet tea, Gold Peak.  Next time I am going to make sure I have sour cream on hand, it really would have topped it off. I can't begin to describe how delicious this turned out to be...the under layers were still moist. This was just what my taste buds inspiring new treat.
      Happy Friday!! Have a Great Weekend!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bathroom Redo Less is More

Not long after my last child left the nest I down sized and moved into this cute little house. Now I have always leaned towards decorating, have done a few homes in my area over the years. It didn't last long...I found it hard to work with people...because they really wanted to get almost too involved. Nearly all wanted to just keep adding and adding, and changing things. Which was not only driving me crazy, but went against my motto...."less is more."
Through decorating my own home to reflect my personality was quite easy, except for one room, the bathroom. A tiny little bathroom oddly shaped with a little door that lead to a slanted ceiling unfinished storage room. The door was old made of several slats of wood mounted together by 2 x 4's on the back. One at the top and one at the bottom. I did find the old door appealing it just didn't fit the style of the room.
The cabinet was a pine type wood, with a towel rack on the side. I took an architectual embellishing piece I had and glued it in the center of the piece of wood above the doors. Then took black paint and applied a few coats. Added brushed silver handles and thought okay this will work for now. I left it has it was knowing one day with patience and time, it would take on my personality. One thing I have always known, if you leave a room alone eventually it will take on your personality in it' own time.
I have always liked architectual elements even the smallest piece can make a huge statement.
To know me is to know I do not like towel racks, and toilet roll I find them not only obnoxious but tacky.
I also had these gorgeous detailed hooks and found this border that added more architectual interest and indeed planned on painting the space above the border black.
What you're looking at is the corner where the toilet fixture is just below. Needless to say it didn't evolve beyond what you see, every time I walked in I couldn't see it going any further. I began to learn it's more important to let the room rest, and take time to find things I felt reflected me. I learned not to rush and put a room together, but to let my minds eye fill the room for me.
Every time I walked in the room or went shopping, my mind's eye just seemed to add more and more, until the day came that eye took it to a whole new place.
It was certainly not planned it was simply what that eye saw....I decided to take the walls to a gray tone which was one adventure. There are so many different shades of gray it was mind boggling. So many had a tone of a color I can be around but not live with in a room, Blue.
Yes, believe it or not I can admire blue in nature but not in my home. Trolling through all my paint chip palettes I found one that worked. It doesn't take me long to paint, I don't apply painters tape as for me it's a waste of time. I am pretty good at painting a straight line and staying within the boundaries of the paint brush. Painting a room so many times over the years in my life one learns to do amazing things.
I painted the cabinet a high gloss white which brought out the detail in the architectual element. Kept the handles brushed silver and added a brand new brushed bronze faucet that shows no water spots, that I love! The shower curtains has always been the one I choose from the beginning. One would say it may have been the inspirational piece. I do so love plaids. I am yet to do the floor in the tiles that come in square pieces and can be removed. I just haven't found the pattern that pops out and says, yes.
I took the gloss white paint, repainted the door to the little attic room added another architectual elements, which made the door take on a whole new life. I also left the border at the top, but added a bit  more until it reached the ceiling.
Have you notice something black at the bottom sitting on her little thrown. Yes its my cat, which I have raise since she was born. Every time I use the bathroom for whatever reason, she must be there with me.
This is the corner from the 3 rd photograph above with the black hooks. Gosh, I just hate the looks of a toilet. We have come so far in technology and this is the best they can do. Of course, I am not rich and sure there are probably much nicer designs which cost a ton of money. Being a practical person this will do just fine. On top of the tank is my TP in a nice little white display box. NO more toilet paper hangers adorning the wall.
Not to fret..if you look at the second photograph, on the left you will see a cabinet, next to the sink cabinet. It currently sits behind the door across from the potty were there is a little corner. Everything I or anyone who uses my bathroom requires, will find in reach and contains everything one needs.
I added the last touch of vinyl letters which look as though they are going down hill, but, are actually not... it's a camera angle illusion.
Currently this is the only item on my walls and I love it! The theory less is more is wonderful when adding architecual elements. Am I done with the room? I would say, no, the floor is yet to be done and building up the molding at floor level, ceiling level, plus a bit of new lighting will top this room off!
I will pop in with the final photograph once I find the flooring that jumps out and says, hey take me home. Have fun decorating, be patient and let it happen on it's own, trust me when decorating patience is a virtue.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

See to Believe

I've seen a lot of things in my life, things that weren't so easy to watch, things that I couldn't believe I witnessed, things I wished I had never seen and many, many good things. Things like The White House, standing inside Eiffel Tower, visiting the Louvre, roaming inside an Ambassadors home and Wow wee Wow it was amazing. I even walked right into Neil Diamond, literally at an airport waiting for my young son to come off the plane, years ago.

 Funny thing, I was so worried about my son... I just walked right into him, then around him, without saying a word, that is, until my ex said "didn't you see who that was"? No, not until I turned and took a good look. I remembered seeing two body guards walking down the isle as I was trying to see behind them, looking for my son, yet didn't notice who was in the middle. I turned...slipped what I call a stitch... and yelled, oh so loud, "Neil Diamond" What happened, nothing, he turned briefly and started walking away. That of course was in the mid 80ties..for us both in our younger years.
Okay wait... I am not quite that old yet!
However this is one thing...

I've never seen in all my years of living. Yes, it is what you see, a blister in the shape of a heart. I have shown it to family, friends, neighbors, and no one has seen anything like it... I tried to capture it as best I could, and of course, living alone there is no one to hold the camera. It's much more vivid then it shows and a bit risen as a blister does...

I do remember working out in the garden pulling weeds with my bare hands. (this gal like to feel the soil) and feeling three blisters forming, one on my middle finger, one on my ring finger, and the baby finger. I didn't notice it right away, and in fact, it has been there nearly 8 days without any signs of healing!
...yet again, that's not the strangest thing...

I could use a sterilized pin and open to let the fluid out...but...I just can't. Not for the reason you may think. Pain, nope. doesn't bother this gal.
You see a few days ago, as I was lying in bed trying to figure out what this little heart meant, if anything at all.

When suddenly out of all those files our memory stores, came one hidden for many years. I remembered it so clearly that night I just had to call a friend.  When I was a little girl around the age of 2 or 3 best I can remember, I managed to get out of the yard by a sibling who forgot to close the gate, and was hit by a car. And, if all be said, I literally walked into the front right side while it was moving. I do think that was my first encounter of slipping her stitch.

I bounced off the car hit the ground, now my mother was quite upset with me. Now don't get angry with her, my mother was actually so scared, she yelled at me ..I remember my father grabbed me from her, and in one little moment, I put up only one little finger, my picky. And in fact, the right one. My father took his picky matched it to the tip of mine, and said, always my sweet girl, my heart to yours and gave me a hug.

My father passed many, many, years ago, when I was young. There are those who tell me maybe it's his way of saying, he still around me...I don't know if that's what this is...I just know everytime I look at that little heart, I feel something very special. I miss you, sweet Dad, my heart to yours.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

In This Together

As fall is rounding the corner summer leaves behind another group of photographs taken in my garden. Like the one above these familiar blooms pollinated by the little bee, ( inside the yellow flower) needed for the flower to metamorphosis in to whatever it's to become. It's so beautiful to see them all in bloom on the plants in spring, my favorite time of year.

Spring, the time of year when like a baby, everything in nature is reborn in the light of life. I am more comfortable among nature than anywhere else, to stand outside and feel the connection to everything living, the grass, trees, the biggest and smallest of any living form is like nothing better. I know I belong, as the earth, nature, all that inhabits, we share this amazing place together. We are all alive... relying on the same things. Sunlight, Air, Rain, Food for nutrient to grow, the simplest things in life.


And to watch weekly that yellow bloom take form and grow in to this pumpkin is like sharing in the birth of a life. How vital the care it takes for nature to ensure this newling makes its way to full growth.
I am always grateful for the experience every year to watch the birth of something new or even the old, like the mulberry tree re-birthing it's sweet fruit. I too feel I am a part of all that happens, unlike the mulberry tree, I only get one life to inhale all this amazing, and so magical, thing called living.

I planted a huge field of these gorgeously orange things called pumpkins. The lines that so perfectly grace the the round ball, so evenly capture me in awe... of this repeating experience every year.
I just can't get enough, can't take in enough am so grateful, yet, as I watch cars go by people lost in there day. I think...I wish we could all feel the same. That we are in this huge universe together, and I think if we all knew this...felt this...

 That we are all in this huge universe together for just a limited time. And, in that time we should spend it helping each other, not focusing on our own personal gains...but doing them together.
We were taught in our early years, think back to Kindergarten, our very first encounter with other human lives....
to be kind, to share, help, get along, play and work all together. And yet we don't, there are no excuses in life... there are but choices. We either do or we don't, we take or we give.
For me, the choice is simple..."I Give".... anytime I can help anyone or anything on this planet with no labels attached other than living. Makes me feel better as a human, makes me happy..and in turn I am content...after all isn't that what it's all about!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fabulous Yarn

                  I stumbled across this yarn from a blog I read quite often, called  Little Cotton Rabbits
 A lovely blog just too hard to resist with an incredible woman who does amazing knitting.
I did the scarf in the same color (split pea) as I am a lover of all things green, and stitch (moss stitch) only I used quince&co. puffin it's a plump, chunky, single ply yarn, spun from 100% American Wool Fleece.
Amazing to work with, soft, and knits beautifully!

I also purchased split pea in Lark, this is a smooth, round, wool yarn, that showcases any detailed stitching. I am yet to work with this yarn and expect it to knit quite the same as Puffin, and in fact, am knitting my first pair of welted fingerless gloves ever. Actually my first pair of gloves of any kind.

This is truly the first time I have splurged on an upscale yarn, am so happy I did!
 Can't wait to knit the gloves...
 Sometimes we just need to treat ourselves to the best! Don't you think?

Someone Like This

Often here at Slipped Her Stitch,
I will write or tap into a situation I may hear about or find close to home, 
Someone Like This...

I can't remember the last time I haven't heard anywhere, if not on TV, or in my local newspaper, or for that from my son as he made his way through high school, someone like this... So I wrote this little piece one night after a very young man, who lost his life, tried to get help, to only hear...I'm sorry we're overcrowded, we can add you to our waiting list, and call when a bed becomes available.
That call never came.....

         This new world I don’t recognize these days, there's an old world I can’t seem to forget. A time when simple meant happiness, dreams meant hope, can’t didn’t exist, and trying meant more than just to succeed. When love was followed by action, when my children could play in the woods, the freedom to be young and explore, without a care, a worry of vanishing without a trace, harmed only by living creatures that scaled among the large trees, which seemed to touch the sky. Now gone nature itself has begun her wrath, intolerant of human existence.
            Amongst it all, a life hanging in the balance of living or dying, everyday, gone by an overdose, a dose for a reality they do not understand, brought on by a system that offers nothing should they be that different side, were money isn’t a word at all, a simple paper that passes as quickly as it came, does not offer help to those who search. A system so overloaded by those different, a failed system, who cares nothing about that human life, other than to say it’s one less human to care for…one less life to populate this planet, one less problem for a world divided, by those who attached themselves as heads of this place called America.

In the end, a child is buried, a life gone, help they needed or should be entitled, by just being a human life....just doesn't exist. In a world where money a five letter word...means more than a human life.
Maybe someday, or maybe today, you may know...
"Someone Like This"

We need to ask before we vote...we need access to both candidates...and let the public ask....
 before we vote. We need to stand for everyone, and sit for no one, everyone needs to be heard, and no one, should go without help. In this place called America, because we all are
The People!

In loving memory, of so many who have been buried, because of Something Like This!
Feel free to add there names in the comment area for us to remember. I will be posting this listing as one of the popular to be read anytime.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Cable Knitting

Although it's technically still summer, I find myself doing more knitting then normal this time of year. And, cable knitting seems to be my stitch of choice.

It's a gloomy, gray day today... feeling a bit like fall.. Having all this strange weather I managed to get a lot of knitting done. I usually start one project and jump right into a new without completing the old. This year I decided to discipline myself and stay on one project at a time, until it's done.
So far...I've done just that..the pillow above is a simple cable stitch..working 11 cables in all.
I used a yarn found on sale for only 1.63 per skein in white..I've haven't used it before but thought at that price I would give it a try. It's Bernat Softee Bulk Weight #5. Much to my surprise it was a wonderful I would recommend.

For some unknown reason I manage to enlarge the first two photographs....then after that this is what I get. Even though I learn new things as they upgrade often means I'm off to learn something new...which can both be fun and frustrating.
This is a combination of a low point crocheted ripple blanket with a picot edging...which I adds a simple yet detailed finished appearance.

Okay..someone has got to let me in on the secret to enlarging these photographs! The first two.. all I do  is click on the photo and a screen pop's up to let me choose the size...I'm so confused! Yet not enough to keep me from posting or for that starting another white cable pillow cover. The yarn used is Caron Simply Soft in White of course. Done in only a 5 cable pattern this time.
I am working in White's and gray thinking this may be a Christmas gift set for my daughter. Her new home is done in these shades. Thinking two white 5 cable pattern pillows, one in the 11 cable with the Afghan. Wouldn't you like to receive this set as a gift? I am hoping she'll love it too!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bright Idea

Collecting creative magazines is something I tend to do..more often it's the knitting ones.... that catch my eye and capture my attention.
Occasionally I stumble across a crocheting magazine that just dazzles! This one in particular screamed look..the tank top and bracelet design is just packed with color. Yes, it was the bracelets, so yummy, with bright colors or so I thought!

            While making my way inside I saw I have a love/ hate relationships with granny squares. Mostly due to the the holes a granny square often leaves don't get me wrong... I have seen really amazing squares make a blanket like the one above...that just makes one say Wow!!
Stunning is probably a better word.. curiosity kept me creeping my way through the magazine thinking it couldn't get any better than this...much to my surprise it did!

I came across this article where a group of women set aside time to put a granny square blanket together. Each crocheting the squares to make the blanket. It got me thinking...what if granny squares were made and collected from around the world, then sent to a group of women and assembled. I would call it a One World Blanket. What would you call it and better yet...what would you do with the blanket?? 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Love of Life

                    There are so many things I love in letters make words and when                 
                               combine leave a lasting impression, that touches our hearts.

How old can be something new if you just use your imagination...nothing then is really old, not even people. We too can re-invent ourselves at any age!

Even how learning a new how to enlarge a photograph on a blog...
when it doesn't seem to want to cooperate. One of my favorite things to do is learn anything and everything I can..

How I keep clicking on the photograph and it won't let me enlarge. Ah! This is one of those moments where I refer to she's, Slipped Her Stitch...oh so confused...and the first two did so well.
Okay..if you know, I need to slip the stitch back... by anyone offering help...much appreciated.
And Oh...what a beautiful photograph of old things in a gorgeous color...called Jade.

How I love the feel of a magazine in my hands...touching and turning the pages. How the writers, photographers, and creators of all these beautiful things come together so absolutely beautiful. Doesn't this magazine just scream elegance with simplicity and yes, please take me home.

So who is this Her, the one who named this new blog in her life, Slipped Her Stitch, and why?

I am AbbeyLynn....and there are so many reasons which are listed below...

1. I am a woman who loves life...even more so in my 50ties.

2. A gal who loves learning everything she can...and loves to share.

3. A knitter of 30 years, taught by my grandmother, who will show you what's in the works and photographs of things completed. A pattern or two here and there.

4.  I've been crocheting as long as knitting, my love of knitting is stronger. But, both will show up on this blog.

5. How slipping a stitch happens often in my life...many quirky moments which keep me laughing at myself. And hoping you grab a smile or a little chuckle yourself.

6. Good days, bad days, sad days, and what they mean to me and hoping they help someone who's experiencing the same. Talk about yours in the comments section, we are all here doing this together.

7. And finally...being a single empty nester, living with an adorable Cat...Ms.Bella.