Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Love of Life

                    There are so many things I love in letters make words and when                 
                               combine leave a lasting impression, that touches our hearts.

How old can be something new if you just use your imagination...nothing then is really old, not even people. We too can re-invent ourselves at any age!

Even how learning a new how to enlarge a photograph on a blog...
when it doesn't seem to want to cooperate. One of my favorite things to do is learn anything and everything I can..

How I keep clicking on the photograph and it won't let me enlarge. Ah! This is one of those moments where I refer to she's, Slipped Her Stitch...oh so confused...and the first two did so well.
Okay..if you know, I need to slip the stitch back... by anyone offering help...much appreciated.
And Oh...what a beautiful photograph of old things in a gorgeous color...called Jade.

How I love the feel of a magazine in my hands...touching and turning the pages. How the writers, photographers, and creators of all these beautiful things come together so absolutely beautiful. Doesn't this magazine just scream elegance with simplicity and yes, please take me home.

So who is this Her, the one who named this new blog in her life, Slipped Her Stitch, and why?

I am AbbeyLynn....and there are so many reasons which are listed below...

1. I am a woman who loves life...even more so in my 50ties.

2. A gal who loves learning everything she can...and loves to share.

3. A knitter of 30 years, taught by my grandmother, who will show you what's in the works and photographs of things completed. A pattern or two here and there.

4.  I've been crocheting as long as knitting, my love of knitting is stronger. But, both will show up on this blog.

5. How slipping a stitch happens often in my life...many quirky moments which keep me laughing at myself. And hoping you grab a smile or a little chuckle yourself.

6. Good days, bad days, sad days, and what they mean to me and hoping they help someone who's experiencing the same. Talk about yours in the comments section, we are all here doing this together.

7. And finally...being a single empty nester, living with an adorable Cat...Ms.Bella.

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