Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bathroom Redo Less is More

Not long after my last child left the nest I down sized and moved into this cute little house. Now I have always leaned towards decorating, have done a few homes in my area over the years. It didn't last long...I found it hard to work with people...because they really wanted to get almost too involved. Nearly all wanted to just keep adding and adding, and changing things. Which was not only driving me crazy, but went against my motto...."less is more."
Through decorating my own home to reflect my personality was quite easy, except for one room, the bathroom. A tiny little bathroom oddly shaped with a little door that lead to a slanted ceiling unfinished storage room. The door was old made of several slats of wood mounted together by 2 x 4's on the back. One at the top and one at the bottom. I did find the old door appealing it just didn't fit the style of the room.
The cabinet was a pine type wood, with a towel rack on the side. I took an architectual embellishing piece I had and glued it in the center of the piece of wood above the doors. Then took black paint and applied a few coats. Added brushed silver handles and thought okay this will work for now. I left it has it was knowing one day with patience and time, it would take on my personality. One thing I have always known, if you leave a room alone eventually it will take on your personality in it' own time.
I have always liked architectual elements even the smallest piece can make a huge statement.
To know me is to know I do not like towel racks, and toilet roll I find them not only obnoxious but tacky.
I also had these gorgeous detailed hooks and found this border that added more architectual interest and indeed planned on painting the space above the border black.
What you're looking at is the corner where the toilet fixture is just below. Needless to say it didn't evolve beyond what you see, every time I walked in I couldn't see it going any further. I began to learn it's more important to let the room rest, and take time to find things I felt reflected me. I learned not to rush and put a room together, but to let my minds eye fill the room for me.
Every time I walked in the room or went shopping, my mind's eye just seemed to add more and more, until the day came that eye took it to a whole new place.
It was certainly not planned it was simply what that eye saw....I decided to take the walls to a gray tone which was one adventure. There are so many different shades of gray it was mind boggling. So many had a tone of a color I can be around but not live with in a room, Blue.
Yes, believe it or not I can admire blue in nature but not in my home. Trolling through all my paint chip palettes I found one that worked. It doesn't take me long to paint, I don't apply painters tape as for me it's a waste of time. I am pretty good at painting a straight line and staying within the boundaries of the paint brush. Painting a room so many times over the years in my life one learns to do amazing things.
I painted the cabinet a high gloss white which brought out the detail in the architectual element. Kept the handles brushed silver and added a brand new brushed bronze faucet that shows no water spots, that I love! The shower curtains has always been the one I choose from the beginning. One would say it may have been the inspirational piece. I do so love plaids. I am yet to do the floor in the tiles that come in square pieces and can be removed. I just haven't found the pattern that pops out and says, yes.
I took the gloss white paint, repainted the door to the little attic room added another architectual elements, which made the door take on a whole new life. I also left the border at the top, but added a bit  more until it reached the ceiling.
Have you notice something black at the bottom sitting on her little thrown. Yes its my cat, which I have raise since she was born. Every time I use the bathroom for whatever reason, she must be there with me.
This is the corner from the 3 rd photograph above with the black hooks. Gosh, I just hate the looks of a toilet. We have come so far in technology and this is the best they can do. Of course, I am not rich and sure there are probably much nicer designs which cost a ton of money. Being a practical person this will do just fine. On top of the tank is my TP in a nice little white display box. NO more toilet paper hangers adorning the wall.
Not to fret..if you look at the second photograph, on the left you will see a cabinet, next to the sink cabinet. It currently sits behind the door across from the potty were there is a little corner. Everything I or anyone who uses my bathroom requires, will find in reach and contains everything one needs.
I added the last touch of vinyl letters which look as though they are going down hill, but, are actually not... it's a camera angle illusion.
Currently this is the only item on my walls and I love it! The theory less is more is wonderful when adding architecual elements. Am I done with the room? I would say, no, the floor is yet to be done and building up the molding at floor level, ceiling level, plus a bit of new lighting will top this room off!
I will pop in with the final photograph once I find the flooring that jumps out and says, hey take me home. Have fun decorating, be patient and let it happen on it's own, trust me when decorating patience is a virtue.

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