Tuesday, August 21, 2012

See to Believe

I've seen a lot of things in my life, things that weren't so easy to watch, things that I couldn't believe I witnessed, things I wished I had never seen and many, many good things. Things like The White House, standing inside Eiffel Tower, visiting the Louvre, roaming inside an Ambassadors home and Wow wee Wow it was amazing. I even walked right into Neil Diamond, literally at an airport waiting for my young son to come off the plane, years ago.

 Funny thing, I was so worried about my son... I just walked right into him, then around him, without saying a word, that is, until my ex said "didn't you see who that was"? No, not until I turned and took a good look. I remembered seeing two body guards walking down the isle as I was trying to see behind them, looking for my son, yet didn't notice who was in the middle. I turned...slipped what I call a stitch... and yelled, oh so loud, "Neil Diamond" What happened, nothing, he turned briefly and started walking away. That of course was in the mid 80ties..for us both in our younger years.
Okay wait... I am not quite that old yet!
However this is one thing...

I've never seen in all my years of living. Yes, it is what you see, a blister in the shape of a heart. I have shown it to family, friends, neighbors, and no one has seen anything like it... I tried to capture it as best I could, and of course, living alone there is no one to hold the camera. It's much more vivid then it shows and a bit risen as a blister does...

I do remember working out in the garden pulling weeds with my bare hands. (this gal like to feel the soil) and feeling three blisters forming, one on my middle finger, one on my ring finger, and the baby finger. I didn't notice it right away, and in fact, it has been there nearly 8 days without any signs of healing!
...yet again, that's not the strangest thing...

I could use a sterilized pin and open to let the fluid out...but...I just can't. Not for the reason you may think. Pain, nope. doesn't bother this gal.
You see a few days ago, as I was lying in bed trying to figure out what this little heart meant, if anything at all.

When suddenly out of all those files our memory stores, came one hidden for many years. I remembered it so clearly that night I just had to call a friend.  When I was a little girl around the age of 2 or 3 best I can remember, I managed to get out of the yard by a sibling who forgot to close the gate, and was hit by a car. And, if all be said, I literally walked into the front right side while it was moving. I do think that was my first encounter of slipping her stitch.

I bounced off the car hit the ground, now my mother was quite upset with me. Now don't get angry with her, my mother was actually so scared, she yelled at me ..I remember my father grabbed me from her, and in one little moment, I put up only one little finger, my picky. And in fact, the right one. My father took his picky matched it to the tip of mine, and said, always my sweet girl, my heart to yours and gave me a hug.

My father passed many, many, years ago, when I was young. There are those who tell me maybe it's his way of saying, he still around me...I don't know if that's what this is...I just know everytime I look at that little heart, I feel something very special. I miss you, sweet Dad, my heart to yours.


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