Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mason Jar Light Tutorial

When I saw the price of a hanging mason jar I went on a quest to find a way to make one cheaper. I just couldn't believe a jar and the electrical works would cost so much. To know me, is to know, I am a frugal gal, one way or another I was going to find what I needed! A lighting kit available in three colors sliver, black, and white. I purchased the silver it looks nearly invisible. They are from World Market for only 9.99 so I bought two which was 28.66 the price of one completed online.
Then I took a lid for canning the part that seals the jar, took a marker made a whole the size of the piece where the light bulbs goes. Then took a nail and a small hammer and made holes around the circle. Make sure you do this on a scrap piece of wood.
Next I took a pair of cutters, this can also be done with cuticle cutters as the lid is not that thick. I followed the line of the marker and cut out the circle.
This is what you will have when done. On the light fixture notice the rim with the indents. It's similar to a nut and bolt, simply unscrew the silver rim with indents.
This is what you will have when the piece is unscrewed from the light fixture.
Take the lid with the hole, the hole does not have to be cut perfect just large enough for the light socket to fit through. Put the lid inside the ring which will screw on to the mason jar. No glue neccesary.
Hold the two pieces of the lid together just as shown, put the socket into the hole on the lid. If it's too small simply cut it a little bigger. Don't worry if the circle is not round it will still work.
Take the silver piece shown in the 5th picture and screw it back on to the light fixture. Make sure it's tight enough so it holds the lid inside the rim.
This is what it looks like when done. I usually use a silver rim but I didn't have one available. It can always be changed. Before attaching the jar add your light.
Take your jar screw the lid on and walla! Your done with the assembly. The jar I used is an old Atlas canning jar a bit straighter than the normal mason ball jar.
Most people use clear light bulbs or chandelier bulbs. I love the look of these round white night light bulbs. I have four hanging together and it's plenty of light for a 12 by 12 room.
These are mine, I managed to photograph two of them. The top one is a aqua ball jar which I love. Notice how the silver cord looks nearly invisible. There are two white S type plastic pieces on the cord. I used one to screw into the ceiling stud and the other stretched across and on the curtain rod towards the back. The curtains will hide the cord for you. The kit also comes with two gold hooks you can screw in the ceiling or anywhere else you want to hang it. I hung mine by using a screw and the white hook into the studs in the ceiling. It looks very clean and nice against the white ceiling.
If you want wire them together so one switch controls how many you decide to put together, there are so many ways you can hang them.
You can also elimate the jar and use a shade, just skip the rim and lid purchase an old lampshade add osenberg cover the lampshade. This would be very decorative with a iron on word or design in black.  There is also a small 40ty watt bulb that works well for more lighting. It's great for just one jar, it does throw off a lot of light which would make it great for the lampshade!
I hope you enjoyed the Tutorial. Have fun making hanging lights!

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