Monday, September 10, 2012


I am looking for an elephant ..since the Republican party has an elephant... can some contact Mitt Romney so I can borrow it to move a tree?? LOL... borrow from a Republician.

Now for the real story....

 The other day my son, ask his son..what he wanted to be when he grew up. His son replied, I want to be president. His dad's nice and what would you do if you were president? His son replied...I would feed everyone and make sure they all had a home, and I would help the homeless...His father said, why not just tell the homeless to get a job? His son replied, isn't that what the republicans would do?

Although being independent, I have to say this...if we pack the White House with elephant's they'll use up all our water cleaning themselves, note cleaning themselves.... constantly keep moving...therefore getting no work done. The only way you can train a elephant to help someone to lend him to a circus.

Then again...if we put Jacka**'s in the White House they maybe stubborn at times, but at least they'll be hard workers. Go Obama!!

For all of the females out there I am knitting away...soon to reveal a few Tah Dah moments.

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