Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Trapped With No Help

What is up with animals? And of course Me?
Just before dusk yesterday, I went outside to pick some of the lettuce where I nearly made contact with a skunk, a few days before as stated in the post below. For one to know me you must know my life is fulled with slipped stitches, not to mention my knitting...which always contains a minor mistake somewhere.
 I also can not express how often I entertain my friends, and of course my neighbors though out my bizarre life.
So I said, I was outside getting lettuce for dinner...nothing like fresh lettuce..could not wait to make the salad.  Around the garage out to the garden I picked my dinner for the evening.
 Said hello, to my neighbor in her garden next door to me. She was picking lima beans.
Now between my garage and the neighbors are these massive pine trees they planted for privacy. Personally I find it to be a place for all kind of creatures.
Walking back to the house I rounded the corner between the garage and pine trees. First I must tell you I have lived her 7 years and in all the times I have gone to the garden, this is the first year of many strange animal happens.
Of course I must add I was thinking about my salad to be and not my surrounds, which suddenly became a major focus. Right after I turned the corner and just finished looking down at my lovely salad. I look forward and WHAM! a bat flying right at my face...my instinct of course was to duck. Duck, what a funny word, and an amazing quick task.  Right pass me the bat flew...I thought okay get up and book.
To which I did..only to have him round the pine tree and dive again, down I went ducking again...and yelling get, go back to the street light.. and omg rabies...it's going to hit my head, rabies, hospital, horrible shots. Go away!
I stood up getting ready to run again...damn if he didn't go around the pine tree darting right back at the top of my head. There I was back and forth, trying to make my way out of the garden and he's flying back and forth across my head. I just kept yelling, what is your problem and he just kept flying.
Now I know I bathed, my hair was clean, so there was no need to pick bugs out of my hair like a monkey in search of dinner. Where was my neighbor you may be wondering...trying to chase it with a broom swatting through the air like the scene in the old movie...The Great Outdoors...excellent, hysterical, movie I must add.
This whole bat situation ended, of course, with my neighbor laughing hysterically has I put the basket filled with lettuce over my head...yelling... see ya later to my neighbor as I booked again.
I am sure by now you've guessed..there was no salad for dinner, unless of course had I added salad dressing to my head, and learning the pickings of a monkey carefully searching for dinner.
Another lesson learned.....shut up when faced with a bat...noise is there focus...wear basket on head and carry bag for lettuce....another slipped stitch in the day of a crazy gal's life. You have no idea how funny, bizarre my life truly is...
Have a wonderful day!

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