Sunday, September 2, 2012

Love This Bag

The other day I found this little bag at our local craft shop ,very inexpensive, and so very functional, is made of nylon and has a nice drawstring for closing. Plus, the straps are snap on can be removed to tuck in your purse or whatever else you carry.

It's has a long handle for your shoulder, a place inside to attach your keys, holds two 170g balls of yarn, and your needles or hook. It also has enough room for a notepad to keep track of your pattern. Plus, it holds your finished squares as you go along.

I love this little bag, I can take my project anywhere, work on my squares without removing the yarn from the bag. The colors I am working on aren't the brightest and there is a reason. I am making a Christmas gift and these are the colors the person loves, white and gray.

I came up with this pattern for a granny square without any holes, since the recipient doesn't like the traditional squares. I can't wait to show you when it's finished. I am hoping it will be in about a week.

One thing I must add, white sure it a hard color to photograph and not being an expert, I do my best to get a good one.

I like to sew my squares together as I go along, am aware there is a method to crochet them together as you go. I prefer this way it works best for me. As for the pattern I am sure it's been done before, but, if your wondering what I did here it is...

I used Caron Simply Soft worsted weight (#4), it's not the best yarn as it splits a lot which I don't like, but, I do like the softness and it's easy care.
I start by making a magic circle with the middle color I used white. Crochet 12 doubles in the circle then pull it tight to close the center hole. Slip stitch your last double to the first and chain 3, counts as your first double make another double in the same stitch. In each of the 12 doubles I crocheted two doubles around to the beginning, you will then have 24 doubles and don't forget to slip stitch to the first double top. *Chain 3 now make two more doubles in the same space as your chain 3, double in the next two stitches, half double in the next two, the single in the next 3 stitches, half double in the next 2, double in the next 2, and now make 3 doubles in the next stitch.* Follow the pattern between the * around to the chain 3 slip stitch to close your square at the top of the chain 3. Fasten off, I leave enough yarn to sew the squares together.
I can see this done in two tone greens, a variety sports color combination, two tone pinks for a baby or even white and pink. The color choice is endless.

Have fun...thanks for popping in and reading my blog. Have a nice weekend!


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