Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh No You Didn't

 So your here at my blog, making of course, the usual visual look ...thinking "if only" she would have posted a interesting photograph, any photograph to keep your attention, to keep you on her page.
But should that be what you came for... go ahead move on...because you "can't" stay if there is nothing to look at, right! Then again "if" you don't read you "can't" learn.
There are two words I literally can not stand it's CAN'T  and IF...they make me see red spitting out to people "oh no you didn't" say any swear word you want, but, don't talk to me and say those two words.
Two words I never let my children say...two words I do not believe are worthy of the English language, and they made there way in the dictionary.
 Two words I will jump on a teacher for should they apply them to a child. If he would only pay attention, if he would only apply himself, lets not figure out why they are not paying attention or applying themselves. Let's just say you have no idea, or better yet, have no interest in your job to figure it out.
Webster Dictionary meaning for "if" should read...I am a person who figures things out after they've already happened. Alternative meaning...if only they would have listened to me..maybe those who don't, haven't reached your level of maturity in life. HELLO, we are not all on the same seat in the maturity ride of life. Then the final meaning of "if" if they would only apply themselves, a word a lazy manage uses, meaning, they have no interest in doing there own job, let alone there employees.
IF makes people jump on the wagon to be the first to say... well if they would have not driven drunk they wouldn't be in this situation. WHAT! if ...good for you, your a genius, a person who predicts the future after the past moments have already happened.  In reality your a controlling, insecure, know it all, who likes to be right. Who likes the, I told you so phrase, because in reality you know nothing at all, except the fact, you have no confidence in any part of your life. Yet, that "if" makes you feel good about yourself to say it...Congratulations you've won Ass of the Year.
Then finally "Can't" I can't, no really I can't, don't ask me to try it because " I can't"...Can't do, Can't try it, Can't make it, just simply Can't. You see can't means your either lazy, don't wanna try out of the fear of failing or making an idiot out of yourself, and failing means your stupid. WRONG!
Without failing in life no one learns a Damn thing. Yes, I said it, a Damn Thing! OMG, she swears, like there is really no one who doesn't!! And if you don't swear that means you don't lie either. Okay, yeah right, go ahead live in your own little world. 
And IF (got that) a frog had wings, it wouldn't bump it's ass on the ground every time it jumped!

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