Saturday, September 8, 2012

Obama or Romney

      It's early morning I decided to pop in and frankly speak my mind. I am hoping many will read and even find the balls to respond. You see if there is one thing I know for sure being older makes people wiser...those of you with young children know nothing. Nothing about life, nothing about living, nothing about marriage, nothing about being human...How can I say this you may add...well I will tell you. Your heads are too wrapped up in raising children and working to see the word for what it really buy in to every commercial, not realizing it's simply a marketing add, all designed for you the younger people to busy not see the realities behind it.
       How do I know this you may add..Well again let me tell you, I owned a retail shop I know the mark up is 100%... for those of you who don't know, we also figure in the shipping we get charged. Who pays for it you do! Which means for the retailer it's a win, win scenario. And don't get me started on all the idiots out there who think buying off the TV is the way to go. Let's just say this about you, stupid is as stupid does, hence Forrest Gump.
      Being older we have been through exactly where you're at...raising the kids...working, basically doing it all. The good old super mom! What do you get in the end...grown children that don't either know they are suppose to leave or raising there babies...or maybe even listening to how there spouse does this and that...having children quite frankly is a pain in the a**. They cost money your time and quite frankly use up your whole emotional life. How do I know you may ask...well again like our parents before us been there done that!!  You think you've got problems now...whee...wait until they grow up. Every time I read a blog about children I just wanna say, Sucks to be you! Again then you may be saying it's not like that for me...well to those few of you who may... congratulations you have a child who is mature beyond there years.
     When I was younger I thought the older/elderly people had nothing worthy of listening too. They were loud, obnoxious, annoying people..... but did you ever stop to really wonder why. All you have to do is have small children and you'll understand. The innocence age were everything they respond to is pure and real. Of course, this age is up to 5 before they get to the society stage where they are exposed to everything, opinions, foul language, rudeness, tricked by marketing ads, believing mascara really makes your eyes look like the ones on TV, when in reality people they are false eyelashes on the person in the commercial....DUH wake up can I say that...well again I will tell you, now being in my late 50ties you realize everything you saw... in all the those commercials is a joke...none of it is real all done to make you believe so you will buy. What else do we know...the government is the biggest marketing manipulating magicians on earth.
     For me I am a conservative...I serve no side nor do I serve just for me, I serve for all humans in this life...many may say if you don't vote then it's my fault the world is govern by who may be chosen...WRONG...I just refuse to choose between the worst of two evils. No matter how I would choose not one is really for me, a human in this life they would be willingly to help. Oh sure, if I were rich knock, knock a different story. Yet the majority of the United States is I say why on earth would you pick at all. The only thing to gain is the person who gets chosen... lives a wonderfully rich life, filled with more health care then you will ever see in your lifetime. Why on earth would I do so...after all the Constitution states the U.S. belongs to We the People not Those the Chosen People.
So...on that note I say this...all of you American citizens get up off your a** and take a stand, take back your country...say NO more living check to more poor health more's our land our country our home...stand up and take it back!!
Put if I absolutely had to choose...I would vote for Obama...why you may say...well let me finally tell you...I am older I am a better judge of character due to the wisdom of aging and I don't buy in to the TV/Newspaper Ads that say anything. I also don't buy into either Obama or Romney's speech after all  it's a race to the White House, and lets guess, you don't think they would lie to get there..WRONG..we purely go on what all of us know as we age...we observe.. we can read between the BS lines. And on that note I say again, Obama, the first president along with his wife to actually mingle among society. And more so ...on the fact 4 years is not enough time to do what had been done by the President before he took office. When I study Romney I see a man who looks high maintaince, business oriented to the point of thinking nothing more than his own personal gains.

And on that note...if you think Rome was built overnight or that one can stop using your cell phone in 4 years after relying on it everyday...Shove that cell phone up your a** your only kidding yourself.

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