Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Interesting Things

One thing you must know about me...you'll never know when I will pop in and post nearly anything I find interesting. That's why I love being spontaneous! And, especially since the kids are gone, Whee! I can eat anything, do anything, go anywhere I want, anytime! Yuppie!!! And the human race is convinced children are fun.... sure...it's putting up with them as they grow into adults that's annoying!!
Okay let's move on.... there are many things I find interesting about life...how the older we get the faster time seems to fly, how the days seem shorter, how I sit here typing.. my eyes taking a break to wonder around the room... it feels as though I haven't aged at all. It's hard to believe I have come this far in life, that the years have gone so quickly. But there is an advantage now... NO KIDS... and that's the perks.

 It's also hard to believe knitting cable pillows seems to fascinate me this year, and the fact the Holidays are right around the corner. Oh...I can knit whenever and however long I want without hearing MOMMY...it's so incredibly quite.
 Doesn't it seem like the Holidays were just here not long ago?

It's also interesting how I can enlarge the first two photographs and none after...look at the lampshade on this one, who would have thought to buy premade ruffles and attach them on a lampshade? So adorable. This is from Jennifer Holmes blog dear lillie. Her home is just my style, all neutrals. It's so easy to add any pop of color for any season. Another blog I am head over heals over is The Nester so many amazing ideas done so inexpensive. Love her home go ahead take a peek.

Speaking of a pop of color...red is sure the color that pops! I have a love/ hate relationship with red, I love to look at it...yet...couldn't live with it daily. Have you noticed the round number with the cute pocket for candy behind it. There actually for a countdown to a handmade felt Christmas Tree. Turn the number around and eat the candy! Love the idea, don't you?

Look at that wreath! Just stunning isn't it? Although there seems to be a lot of them made with aged paper, this is my favorite so far...

See the white ornaments here...they are actually paper mache painted white with gold glitter. So interesting and inexpensive!

On this page I just absolutely love, love, love, that chair! Very creative with the tree, the way the garland is aged paper cut in the V shape at the bottom.

And now for a drum roll please...Don't you just love the color of these cabinets and the amazing detail and color of the kitchen table set. Now, that kitchen color combination I could live with...
Yummy isn't it! Oh by the way, the magazine is Better Homes and Garden Christmas addition.
Now I am off to do whatever I want, whenever I want, in my little own little nest. Keep an eye out for my next post and my Tah Dah moments.
Until I pop in again... which could be anytime...have a spontaneous day!
 Life goes by way to fast not too!

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