Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bright Idea

Collecting creative magazines is something I tend to do..more often it's the knitting ones.... that catch my eye and capture my attention.
Occasionally I stumble across a crocheting magazine that just dazzles! This one in particular screamed look..the tank top and bracelet design is just packed with color. Yes, it was the bracelets, so yummy, with bright colors or so I thought!

            While making my way inside I saw I have a love/ hate relationships with granny squares. Mostly due to the the holes a granny square often leaves don't get me wrong... I have seen really amazing squares make a blanket like the one above...that just makes one say Wow!!
Stunning is probably a better word.. curiosity kept me creeping my way through the magazine thinking it couldn't get any better than this...much to my surprise it did!

I came across this article where a group of women set aside time to put a granny square blanket together. Each crocheting the squares to make the blanket. It got me thinking...what if granny squares were made and collected from around the world, then sent to a group of women and assembled. I would call it a One World Blanket. What would you call it and better yet...what would you do with the blanket?? 

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