Sunday, August 19, 2012

In This Together

As fall is rounding the corner summer leaves behind another group of photographs taken in my garden. Like the one above these familiar blooms pollinated by the little bee, ( inside the yellow flower) needed for the flower to metamorphosis in to whatever it's to become. It's so beautiful to see them all in bloom on the plants in spring, my favorite time of year.

Spring, the time of year when like a baby, everything in nature is reborn in the light of life. I am more comfortable among nature than anywhere else, to stand outside and feel the connection to everything living, the grass, trees, the biggest and smallest of any living form is like nothing better. I know I belong, as the earth, nature, all that inhabits, we share this amazing place together. We are all alive... relying on the same things. Sunlight, Air, Rain, Food for nutrient to grow, the simplest things in life.


And to watch weekly that yellow bloom take form and grow in to this pumpkin is like sharing in the birth of a life. How vital the care it takes for nature to ensure this newling makes its way to full growth.
I am always grateful for the experience every year to watch the birth of something new or even the old, like the mulberry tree re-birthing it's sweet fruit. I too feel I am a part of all that happens, unlike the mulberry tree, I only get one life to inhale all this amazing, and so magical, thing called living.

I planted a huge field of these gorgeously orange things called pumpkins. The lines that so perfectly grace the the round ball, so evenly capture me in awe... of this repeating experience every year.
I just can't get enough, can't take in enough am so grateful, yet, as I watch cars go by people lost in there day. I think...I wish we could all feel the same. That we are in this huge universe together, and I think if we all knew this...felt this...

 That we are all in this huge universe together for just a limited time. And, in that time we should spend it helping each other, not focusing on our own personal gains...but doing them together.
We were taught in our early years, think back to Kindergarten, our very first encounter with other human lives....
to be kind, to share, help, get along, play and work all together. And yet we don't, there are no excuses in life... there are but choices. We either do or we don't, we take or we give.
For me, the choice is simple..."I Give".... anytime I can help anyone or anything on this planet with no labels attached other than living. Makes me feel better as a human, makes me happy..and in turn I am content...after all isn't that what it's all about!!

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