Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fabulous Yarn

                  I stumbled across this yarn from a blog I read quite often, called  Little Cotton Rabbits
 A lovely blog just too hard to resist with an incredible woman who does amazing knitting.
I did the scarf in the same color (split pea) as I am a lover of all things green, and stitch (moss stitch) only I used quince&co. puffin it's a plump, chunky, single ply yarn, spun from 100% American Wool Fleece.
Amazing to work with, soft, and knits beautifully!

I also purchased split pea in Lark, this is a smooth, round, wool yarn, that showcases any detailed stitching. I am yet to work with this yarn and expect it to knit quite the same as Puffin, and in fact, am knitting my first pair of welted fingerless gloves ever. Actually my first pair of gloves of any kind.

This is truly the first time I have splurged on an upscale yarn, am so happy I did!
 Can't wait to knit the gloves...
 Sometimes we just need to treat ourselves to the best! Don't you think?

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