Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Someone Like This

Often here at Slipped Her Stitch,
I will write or tap into a situation I may hear about or find close to home, 
Someone Like This...

I can't remember the last time I haven't heard anywhere, if not on TV, or in my local newspaper, or for that from my son as he made his way through high school, someone like this... So I wrote this little piece one night after a very young man, who lost his life, tried to get help, to only hear...I'm sorry we're overcrowded, we can add you to our waiting list, and call when a bed becomes available.
That call never came.....

         This new world I don’t recognize these days, there's an old world I can’t seem to forget. A time when simple meant happiness, dreams meant hope, can’t didn’t exist, and trying meant more than just to succeed. When love was followed by action, when my children could play in the woods, the freedom to be young and explore, without a care, a worry of vanishing without a trace, harmed only by living creatures that scaled among the large trees, which seemed to touch the sky. Now gone nature itself has begun her wrath, intolerant of human existence.
            Amongst it all, a life hanging in the balance of living or dying, everyday, gone by an overdose, a dose for a reality they do not understand, brought on by a system that offers nothing should they be that different side, were money isn’t a word at all, a simple paper that passes as quickly as it came, does not offer help to those who search. A system so overloaded by those different, a failed system, who cares nothing about that human life, other than to say it’s one less human to care for…one less life to populate this planet, one less problem for a world divided, by those who attached themselves as heads of this place called America.

In the end, a child is buried, a life gone, help they needed or should be entitled, by just being a human life....just doesn't exist. In a world where money a five letter word...means more than a human life.
Maybe someday, or maybe today, you may know...
"Someone Like This"

We need to ask before we vote...we need access to both candidates...and let the public ask....
 before we vote. We need to stand for everyone, and sit for no one, everyone needs to be heard, and no one, should go without help. In this place called America, because we all are
The People!

In loving memory, of so many who have been buried, because of Something Like This!
Feel free to add there names in the comment area for us to remember. I will be posting this listing as one of the popular to be read anytime.

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