Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lead role in Commerical

Did you ever find yourself casted for a role you didn't apply for....
The other day I went out to the garden to check on my fall lettuce and arugula. Now.. one must know my garden is behind the house around the garage. In other words, it's a half acre behind the house. Duh! Behind the house, okay lady, we have that straight. I would just walk straight through the back yard, I just don't think walking through barbwire is appealing.
Needless to say, I rounded the garage, looking down at the grass, turned the corner and saw this under a tree near the garden. So I thought awe...look at how cute... it's you kitty!
As I approached all I could think of was, maybe I can get close enough this time to pet the black and white cat, whom I occasionally feed. After all, the more I feed the cat the closer it would get to me. Now I'm not stupid...haha...hence the title of my blog...
I have raised cats and indeed own a house cat, I've also taken care of a few Ferrel's in my day. Thus not the point...I kept walking and he kept coming out...without question I leaned over and said..hey kitty, just about ready to pet his head when the tail shot up and I shot out...yelling...oh shit, oh shit..skunk...skunk.
I ran faster than I had in a long time, around the garage yelling SKUNK, thinking oh shit, running  looking back wondering is he following me. Then it happened...Yes..right there heading to the back door. Bam! right into the door, I bounced off and landed on my bum. I sat there looking for the skunk who was no where in sight and thought this is too funny...and it was...I laid back laughing so hard I actually pee - peed my pants.
There was a lesson in all of this...don't try what you see on TV ...secondly, next time put on glasses or wear your contacts until they dry up on eyeballs, so as able to see before reacting, and, always wear protective panties whenever going to the garden. Thank goodness I wasn't skunked!!
Now, every time my girlfriends see the commercial where the lady opens her sliding glass door, and says here kitty, come on kitty, and the raccoon walks in...they call me and laugh...saying hey kitty.
So the next time you see the commercial think of me..go ahead and laugh...I do!
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