Thursday, September 6, 2012

Amazing Etsy Handmade

Browsing Etsy today, I found some handmade knitted and crocheted items. I just love handmade items especially from yarn.
This is one of them by the shop Lovelycrochet aren't these just amazing?
This colorful knitted duo from the shop bythemill is amazing! Don't you agree? The color combination says happy and the little bits of black make the items pop. Not to mention the photograph itself is beautiful.
Look at the color combination of this hand knitted cotton sweater from LilyCraftdiy there soothing and just right for blue jeans. The detail in the sweater is interesting and well defined. I love how the sweater is displayed with all the props, it give you a better sense of how the sweater will appear with when combined with jeans and accessories. Well done don't you agree?
I had to add these hand knitted mittens of a hedgehog from BucaJLucka which are so adorable.
Hedgehogs seem to be a popular animal among so many on Etsy. I love how there photographed with a peach!
Stumbling across these knitted socks which caught my attention asap from sintijastudio with the colors of cream and gray, and of course, fair isle knitting. Something I want to learn...and have tried a few times not without some success. It's the working of two yarns and my fingers that get in the way.
There is something I have always wondered about...why would someone want to knit socks? I mean... I totally understand there handmade...yet.. it seems easier to buy them at the store.
Now don't get me wrong the socks above are stunning..I guess knitting socks for me is not my thing.
Maybe that's it!
This shop on Etsy ohmayzee has a lot of different dyi patterns. I love the bright colors she uses to display how the finish patterns will appear. This shop has a lot of fun ideas which would make nice stocking stuffers.
There seems to be a lot of knitted bunnies on Etsy this one is from The Hunny Bunny Company I am always so amazed by UK or for that anywhere in Europe at just how good they are at knitting. It seems to come natural to them. Not, that there aren't amazing knitters in the U.S. yet one must agree how much they do knit and crochet in Europe. Often makes me almost wish I was born there just for that purpose...oh...and there amazing landscape and architectural views too!
Then there is me..yes..I have knitted some bunnies over a few winters. The original pattern is from FuzzyMitten I bought the pattern off of Etsy awhile back before she narrowed down selling on Etsy. I played around with it and tweaked it a bit with the ears and color inside. Made the sweater you see as I said above I have done some fair isle knitting.
I am a little proud, yes, and a tad sad...why...most of these babies are gone. When my grand babies or my daughter who hasn't decided if she wants babies, stops by, they disappear one by one. The only comforting part of them leaving...they are going to good homes.
Hope you enjoyed my little tour of Etsy..I plan on doing more based on knitting and crocheting. Can you guess what will be next?
Oh, and thank you to all of the talents artist we appreciate all of you!

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