Thursday, August 30, 2012

Surprise Around Every Corner

I just love life..from one day to the next you never know what surprise is waiting around the corner...which makes everyday fasinating...this was one of them.
After seeing these three guys singing on TV recently, I couldn't wait to pick up there first CD in the United States. Although mostly Italian music, it was more than I expected, in fact, it was spectacular! Included is a bonus DVD of Live From the Detroit Opera House. It was so amazing, I found myself watching and listening over and over. Having heard many singers of this type over the years, these guys, well, they have it all. Incredible voices and although still in there teens, incredible stage presence. I highly recommend buying this set!! Be prepared to be entertained and a bit dazzled by there obvious good looks!
Then I decided to take a walk outside around the garden, and the woods, enjoy this beautiful day. When I opened my side door and stepped outside I saw where I live... one side of my home it's a bit like the city, on the other side it's all open land where everyone is living the farm life. Very open fields, tons of gardens, farming and nature. It's like having the best of both worlds.
However, as I stopped and enjoyed the view, I couldn't help but take a bit of a ride, down memory lane. Now, as far as I am concerned these are the way cars should be...this is when a car was really a car and stood out on it's own. A very welcome surprise in my day! Aren't they amazingly gorgeous?
Down a few I went on my adventure as planned, when I ran into this little guy on a Zinnia. First time Zinnia gal here and must add, I love this flower!
After the Zinnia's which surround my garden, I came across my tomatoes. I started these Roma Tomatoes from seedlings in my home last March, and they have not disappointed, by gracing the garden with tons of them. Even in a drought... Let's just say... I've been doing a lot of canning, and currently waiting for seeds to separate inside jars, for next years crop.
Although I plant sunflowers every year, the ones that germinate on there own randomly throughout the garden, tend to be the best at growing the tallest and hardiest. This one stands 12 ft. 6 inches tall the base measures 5 inches in diameter. Yes, my neighbor was stunned, said she'd never seen one that large... and they grow them in there garden too. Great for bringing in bees and of course birds! This one is looking a bit sad.
Maybe due to the bare spot near the leaves, showing signs fall is on it's way. The little buds are beginning to fall from the seeds.
I just had to photograph my hand on the leaf so you could see how big the sunflower had grown. This is about shoulder level on me... roughly a bit over 4 ft.
Then these little guys, the same sunflower breed as above, that I planted early spring, which usually do very well, only grew a bit over 3 feet tall. Bearing tiny little flower heads.
This one looks like he's saying, "hey, what happen this year...please send some rain."
Even though the planted ones didn't do well this year, they are still just as delightful to view.
The biggest surprise for lavender plants. I planted a variety in a straight row of 8 to see how well they would do in the soil. Much to my surprise they have done very well. I am so happy they I have a plan for next year. I am setting up raised beds already for next years tomatoes (on the half acre I plant) and border them with Zinnia's... and finally...the rest of the field is going all lavender. If only you could smell the lavender in my garden!
It's an amazing aroma... if only I could share!
Thank you for stopping by to read my little surprises, have a wonderful day.

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